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Colinas de Payandé, Colombia

In the beautiful province of Gualivá, Colombia, twelve villas rest amidst the mountains overlooking the city of Villeta and the valley in which it sits. This project done in collaboartion with colombian architect Andres Arias consisted of the design and construction of these 12 villas on fifty-four hectares of mountainous land. Enshrined in such rich surroundings, the villas take advantage of the duality of peace and excitement derived from the proximity to natural landforms. These elements become part of the design as the spaces of each villa flow seamlessly into the surrounding scape;

trees pierce through rooms, showers without doors open to infinite mountain views, and windows gaze upon the raw erosion of rock faces just out of reach. Although orthogonally based and composed by means of yuxtaposed and intersected boxes, the paths generated within these rigorous spaces still flow seamlessly, aware of every perspective viewpoint the composes it. A game of confronted open and closed walls shape the main corridor and a change in direction leads to a surprising encounter between a sequence of three leveled water segments falling into the horizon.

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