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Explore the future with Pico Velasquez, delving into the impact of technology and envisioning sustainable solutions at the intersection of the Metaverse, Blockchain, and AI.

Pico brings a wealth of expertise in transforming industries including art, entertainment, and real estate. Tailored for diverse range of audiences, learn how these cutting-edge technologies are revolutionizing the way we engage with digital realms, educate future generations, and develop our urban landscapes.

Ideal for corporate events and academic conferences, Pico Velasquez's talks offer a glimpse into a future where technology creates new opportunities and redefines every industry.


Forbes 30/50 Summit + Pico Velásquez

The World's Most Visionary Powerful Women came together in Abu Dhabi for International Women's Day for a week of panels, mentorship and collaboration. Over the past decade, the Forbes 30 Under 30 has become the world’s most important honor for young entrepreneurs, and 50 Over 50, to showcase experience, wisdom and leadership. 

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  • Hilary Clinton, Former United States Secretary of State, Senator, First Lady.

  • Malala Yousafzai, Nobel Prize Laureate, founder of Malala Fund.

  • Olena Zelenska, First Lady of Ukraine.

  • Billie Jean King, Sports Icon and Equality Champion. 

  • Amna Al Qubaisi, Formula Racing Driver. Her Royal Highness

  • Princess Lamia Bint Majed Al Saud, Secretary General Alwaleed Philantropies. 

  • Pico Velásquez, Metaverse Thought Leader, founder of VIIRA.

  • +38 other remarkable women leaders.



Forbes + Pico Velásquez

The World's Most Visionary Powerful Women came together for a week in Abu Dhabi for International Women's Day to speak about progression, inclusion and empowerment.

Pico Velasquez, founder & CEO at VIIRA was interviewed by Charlotte Burney, Entertainment Director at Forbes, on "Building Our Physical & Virtual Future With The Metaverse & AI".



Smart City Expo + Pico Velásquez

Join 70+ speakers, 5,000+ leaders and smart city “disruptors” pushing the boundaries of both physical and virtual integrations for climate action, sustainability, resilient infrastructure & transportation. 


Smart City Expo + Pico Velásquez

Leaders and smart city “disruptors” speak about pushing the boundaries of both physical and virtual integrations for climate action, sustainability, resilient infrastructure & transportation. Pico Velasquez founder of VIIRA and Matteo Pietrobelli CTO of Oceanix discuss the opportunities and challenges of new technologies for smart cities.



Family Office Association + Pico Velásquez

Family Office Association is a highly selective membership and digital events organization dedicated to the multigenerational success of families, the thriving and intergenerational understanding of family members of all generations .Our guests have included legendary investors, business leaders, innovators, athletes, politicians, and more. We create intimate spaces for our members to connect with these thought leaders.

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ASAI International + Pico Velásquez

Future ReImagined, Architecture in Perspective, is the 2021 ASAI International Virtual Conference about the future of Architectural design. We invite you to join us on a journey of imagination, storytelling, artistry and technology where traditional and digital media collide to craft an authentic language that can allow us to re-Imagine our future.



BRUNCHWORK + Pico Velásquez

Brunchwork is a series of personalized interactive workshops from the world's top business leaders. Join world-class computational architect Pico Velasquez to learn about the key pillars to Architecting the Metaverse! PIICO uses immersive, interactive, and gamified experiences to connect art, education, and social/ environmental impact projects with larger audiences.



KINESTRY + Pico Velásquez

Kinestry’s Innovation, #Augmented series are monthly interviews to explore the intersection of innovation, design, and emerging technologies. For this session Multimedia Director, Computational Architect and Metaverse Visionary Pico Velasquez talks about the new creative opportunities in bridging our physical and virtual worlds.

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