Pico Velásquez is an Architect, Multimedia Director, Movement Composer and entrepreneur. Passionate about the overlapping patterns and rhythms expressed in architecture, geometry, and the body in motion, her work finds an intersection between design innovation, performance and technology to create unique experiences that question our assumptions of space and interaction.

Pico grew up in Bogotá, Colombia independently pursuing all topics that attracted her fascination. From digital art to geometry and dance; as a finalist in the Colombian Mathematic Olympiads and training as a classical ballet dancer for over 12 years. After studying architecture and applied mathematics, Pico worked for esteemed Colombian architects Giancarlo Mazzanti and Daniel Bonilla parametrically designing the canopy of a complex cloud-shaped coliseum and the first Hyatt Regency Hotel in the country. Parallel, she co-founded an architecture and construction practice that designed and built 12 luxury villas amidst the mountains of Payandé, Colombia. 


Soon after, Pico's passions continued to collide as she completed a Master’s in Design Technology with distinction from Harvard University; A program that connects computation with architectural design and allowed her to explore across multiple scales the intricacies in complex geometry, kinetic structures, material innovation, and interactive sensors.

Pico then joined the Harvard Center for Green Buildings & Cities where she investigated different high-rise typologies to come up with integrated solutions between form, function and energy optimization for Evergrande Group in China, whilst simultaneously researching nano-scale multi-material structures for passive ventilation strategies with the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard. 

In 2015 Pico joined renowned architecture firm Bjarke Ingles Group in New York City to design the concept of the multi-media Elysium Memorial for Guy Laliberte, founder of Cirque du Soleill. Elysium was designed as a double spiral projected on a sphere which along its paths contained thousands of digital vessels representing the unique yet parallel stories of peoples lives - A mix between a library, a museum and a collective consciousness of humanity.


Subsequently at BIG, Pico led the canopy geometry for Google’s new headquarters in Mountain View CA. This consisted on working closely with engineering consultants to parametrically solve the double curvature of the 370,000sf surfaces for Google's enclosure in terms of structure, drainage, daylighting and energy consumption. 




With a strong passion for the Performing Arts, and desire to combine architectural design with new technologies, Pico began to research the use of real-time digital content, ambisonics, and interactive sensors for this space. In 2017 she joined the Art-Technology residency at the New Museum in New York City and launched PiiCO Creative, an architecture & multimedia production studio that envisions the future of cultural and entertainment spaces - Ultimately a place that combines her curiosities in architectural and virtual design, technology and innovation for a fascinating blend of arts & entertainment.

In an era where digital and physical worlds are more interconnected than ever, PiiCO Creative questions how to extend architectural and digital narratives to a new spatial dimension that leverages immersive and interactive mediums to rethink the perspective of our built environment. 

PiiCO has now collaborated with multidisciplinary designers such as Kenzo Digital, Artists In Motion, and Rockwell Group to design and build multi-media architectural experiences around the world. These include the Haier Interactive Museum in Qingdao,  Samsung's infinite Social Galaxy experience in Seoul and Tokyo, the 40ft long real-time digital art wall for Fisher Brother's 299 Park Avenue building in New York City, and the Oculus for Hard Rock Casino & Hotel in FL where Pico was the Creative Director, content designer & producer choreographing musical spectacles of digital projections, lighting and water for artists such as Muse, David Bowie, Maroon 5, Sting, Jamiroquai and Miles Davis.

Other ongoing collaborations include clients such as LVHM, Pepsi, Brookfield Properties, and Fisher Brothers in New York, Tokyo, Sydney, Dubai and China. 

As a young visionary creative, PiiCO is excited to be growing its team, and always open to working with other passionate architects, designers, technologists and engineers.