PIICO finds itself in the intersection of architecture, art, creative technology and gaming by blending experiences that question preexisting assumptions of formal and functional typologies. We seek to envision the future of cultural and entertainment spaces, as well as reactivate existing ones through physical and digital integrations. Ultimately, our goal is to use immersive and interactive mediums to attract larger audiences to participate in activities centered around art, humanity and knowledge. PIICO was founded in 2016 as an architectural design and virtual production studio around Pico Velasquez’ visions and collaborations.  Our team currently consists on experts in architecture, digital animation, lighting, spatial sound, software engineering, game development, augmented and extend reality, fabrication, and branding. We've worked on projects across multiple scales and mediums in the US, UK, Middle East and China.  In an era where our virtual and physical realities are more interconnected than ever, PIICO brings a new spatial dimension that rethinks the future of our built environment.

Her expertise and diverse spectrum of projects center around re-imagining architectural spaces, parametric structures, programmatic narratives with audio-visual integrations, interactive digital experiences, and gaming. Over the past 10 years Pico has collaborated with esteemed designers and entertainment leaders around the world which include leading the canopy geometry for Google’s new headquarters in CA at Bjarke Ingels Group, the concept of the multimedia memorial “Elysium” for Guy Laliberté (founder of Cirque du Soleil), Samsung’s Social Galaxy with Kenzo Digital, creative direction and content production for the new Seminole Hard Rock Casino & Hotel‘s Oculus in collaboration with Rockwell Group, and creative direction and game development for the multiplayer environmentalist video game Superforest, among others. 

             Pico Velásquez is a multimedia artist and director, computational architect, movement composer & entrepreneur.   Curious about the overlapping patterns and rhythms expressed in form, music, light, and the body in motion, her work finds an intersection between design innovation, performance and technology to create unique experiences that question our assumptions of space and interaction. With a Master’s in Design Technology with distinction from Harvard University, a background in mathematics and computational design, and trained as a classical ballet dancer, Pico combines her academics and passions to bring a unique perspective to the overlapping worlds of art, culture and entertainment designing buildings, platforms, and systems that seamlessly integrate our physical and digital worlds.