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Yucata, Mexico

Seed Trust is a movement for using blockchain, virtual experiences and community backed tokens to preserve and protect land. Starting with 300 hectares of physical land in the Yucatan peninsula, a DAO and a virtual Metaverse we aim to educate the world about land conservation and biodiversity, while supporting its local culture and organizations. Seed Trust aims to define a new form of land preservation and development by changing the paradigm around the idea that land cannot be economically focused and environmentally sustainable. We aim to create a lasting positive impact on earth, while still being profitable for investors and the community. Yucatan over the years has been overbuilt, and   much of  the  tropical  forest  that  used  to  be its     

natural ecosystem has been destroyed and replaced by massive constructions. We want the world to understand the beauty and resilience that indigenous cultures have and how this continues to play a significant role in ecological and spirituality for our society. Seed Trust will act as an environmental and cultural “lung” for the Yucatan area, and by purchasing more adjacent land, we could possibly re-connect the now segmented Calakmul Natural Reserve (one of the largest and most important tropical ecosystems on planet earth) for several specie migration and home to over 200,000 plants and wildlife.

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