Social Galaxy




Samsung Installation Seoul, New York, Tokyo

Inside a vertical half circle layout of the very latest Samsung devices, users disappear within the representations of their social self into infinity. In this journey, screens stand as the synthesis of technology and identity, leading the viewer through a mind-bending Installation of their social media history. Their entire life, passions and memory have been extracted and placed right in front of their eyes through an infinite image series, becoming hyper-aware of the precariousness of

their digital performance - the crossroads between aspiration and vulnerability. Fully immersed in the sonic, visual, and linguistic representations of one’s social self, we see how we present ourself to the world in a new, provocative and meaningful way. Screens capture the past, mirror the present, and project the vision of the future. Ahead lies a dimension where these moments and thoughts, our posts , bring new perspective to who we are as individuals and social beings. 

Social Galaxy_Kenzo DIgital_ PIICO Creative