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Ombiia is the first fully immersive live performance theater. Inspired by the feeling of virtual reality headsets applied to a physical shared location, it places the audience in the center where the audience is "inside" of the show rather than looking "at" it. Ombiia analyzes how this evolves its content narrative from both a topological and multi-media perspective. Meaning it studies how the shape of traditional proscenium venues like the Greek and Roman, Kabuki theaters in Japan and other concepts such as Moholy Nagy during the Bauhaus period influence the relationship between the audience and performance, and even dictate content structure and linearity. Ombiia's free form and modifiable seating allows multiple types of narratives including simultaneous interconnected such as in 'Sleep no More'.


Technology also plays an important role in the content dynamics with the capability for real-time digital content streaming, performer motion-tracking with i-beacons and lidar sensors that can influence the content as well as guide robotic light positioning and effects, and a 250+ spatial audio channel system to choreograph sound in space rather than only in time.

The Ombiia theater is fully immersive and interactive, containing 360 degree projection mapping, 360 spatial acoustics, and volumetric rigging for dancers. It brings storytelling to a whole new level merging music concerts, art exhibitions and acrobatics with gaming worlds, and opening the path to envisioning the future of entertainment.

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