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Seminole Hard Rock, Casino & Hotel Florida

The Oculus is the main entrance to the new Seminole Hard Rock Casino & Hotel; a rotunda that seamlessly combines curved teak wood, travertine and marble floors, glass cladding and green walls, with a sequence of water fountains and rain curtains. As the nucleus to this new development, it serves as both a gathering and circulation point for millions of yearly visitors by connecting the Guitar Hotel, Hard Rock Live Theater, retail, and casino. Yet unlike traditional lobbies, the Oculus’ design transforms a purely functional space into a theatrical journey, leveraging the rich musical legacy of the Hard Rock brand to create a series of performance pieces that immerse the audience with projection

mapping, water choreography and lighting; a reinvented approach to experiencing music. Inspired by the song’s lyrics, artist’s style, and original visual narrative, each performance brings the architecture to life as a painted color canvas with over 300ft of controllable lighting fixtures, 400 independent swirling and undulating water pistons, and animated worlds projected across translucent surfaces, water holograms and diffused led columns in its perimeter. In an era where digital and physical spaces are more interconnected than ever, the Oculus embodies how architecture, nature and technology can be combined to create ever-changing expressions through multiple mediums.

SHRHW - Oculus - RF Preliminary - Hi Res
photographer Ryan Fischer
191204 Pico Website Portfolio63.png
Oculus_Section PNG.png
Hard Rock Oculus _ PIICO Creative
SHRHW - Oculus - RF Preliminary - Hi Res
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