Architecture & Experience Concept

Elysium is a place that combines rituals and technology in search for a greater level of consciousness towards understanding life. A collective memory composed of storytelling, imagery and projections which maps out an individual’s life and correlates it with others’ experiences. It is a network of information, a library of thoughts, a place to meditate, to learn, to understand and ultimately to commemorate Life.  In a world where technology tends to isolates the individual, it is our goal to find what brings us together. We can share the laughter, sorrow, joy, excitement, of the birth of a child, the fulfillment of a

dream, the death of a close family member. It is by seeing and feeling the experiences of others that we are reminded of how similar we are, and how intricate and beautiful life is. The building is inspired by a combination of spiritual and formal relationships. A double spiral contouring the surface of a sphere allows two parallel yet independent paths  explore the interior and exterior of the space. Throughout these walls are the artefacts containing both physical and encrypted data; the books of this intrinsic library of life.