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Family Office Association + Pico Velasquez

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Family Office Association is a highly selective membership and digital events organization dedicated to the multigenerational success of families, the thriving and intergenerational understanding of family members of all generations .Our guests have included legendary investors, business leaders, innovators, athletes, politicians, and more. We create intimate spaces for our members to connect with these thought leaders.


ASAI International + Pico Velasquez

Future ReImagined, Architecture in Perspective, is the 2021 ASAI International Virtual Conference about the future of Architectural design. We invite you to join us on a journey of imagination, storytelling, artistry and technology where traditional and digital media collide to craft an authentic language that can allow us to re-Imagine our future.



BRUNCHWORK + Pico Velasquez

Brunchwork is a series of personalized interactive workshops from the world's top business leaders. Join world-class computational architect Pico Velasquez to learn about the key pillars to Architecting the Metaverse! PIICO uses immersive, interactive, and gamified experiences to connect art, education, and social/ environmental impact projects with larger audiences. Free Code: PIICOVIP



KINESTRY + Pico Velasquez

Kinestry’s Innovation, #Augmented series are monthly interviews to explore the intersection of innovation, design, and emerging technologies. For this session Multimedia Director, Computational Architect and Metaverse Visionary Pico Velasquez talks about the new creative opportunities in bridging our physical and virtual worlds.

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KINESTRY + Pico Velasquez

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OUT OF SCOPE by Doug Thompson

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