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299 Park Avenue, New York City

Bloom is a harmonic orchestration of color hues and movement patterns of flowers blooming and rotating, seamlessly suspended as bundles and particles. It is calming yet intrinsic in its behavior. Designed in a gaming engine to be rendered in real-time, this virtual art piece evolves over the course of the day and the seasons, as a digital painting shaped by its environment. Three infrared cameras track the density of the visitors in the lobby along with individual movements which generate subtle, responsive changes to the canvas at all times. Viewers will never see the same canvas twice. Bloom is the

opening custom interactive art installation designed for Fisher Brothers’ 299 Park Avenue Building’s newly renovated entrance containing the Living Canvas, a 60-foot-long LED wall (9,000 pixels wide by 1,000 pixels tall) that will displays a series of artworks that respond to and reflect the heartbeat of the city. Being able to bring art into a public space is more needed than ever.  Restoring belief in and feelings of connection in a world where connection has been missed, brings yet another, very personal dimension to this work.

299 Park Ave Bloom - Ryan Fischer - Hi R
(MID RES)JRF07301.jpg
299_Park_Ave_450-mid res.jpg
299 Park Ave Bloom - Ryan Fischer - Hi R
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